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Power generators

Power generators (Gensets)

Power generators are machines that ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity to electrical installations. As backup sources they are able to power all or part of the electrical installation, depending on the design.


We have generators for rent for small industries, businesses, hotels but also for homes. Call us in order to be informed about availability, price and to get help in order to choose the right type of generator, based on your requirements.


We supply generators, new or second hand, from big internationally recognized companies such as CATERPILLAR with homonymous motors, GRUPEL with Baudouin, IVECO, Perkins motors in the entire power range.


We provide two maintenance packages:
i. Regular Service (includes 4 scheduled maintenance rendezvous per year, so you are ensured your generator is fully operational).
ii. Emergency Service (emergency
malfunction or preventive maintenance).

Γεννήτριες Κέρκυρα

Power outages may occur due to severe weather conditions, natural disasters or damage to the distribution (and/or production) network of each provider.

Few of the common problems that arise are:

  1. Destruction of goods (eg due to outage of refrigerators),

  2. Factory production halt,

  3. Problem in the safe movement of people and products (eg due to lack of lighting, shutdown of elevators).

Our company is intensively active in the field of gensets, both in service and in the supply-rental of appropriate equipment.


The maintenance model we follow is “Predictive maintenance based on the actual condition of the genset”, which is based on techniques for predicting possible failures.

This model bears advantages over the rest (such as the model of intervention when a failure occurs or the one of preventive maintenance based on the manufacturer’s schedule, etc.).

Advantages (in summation)

  1. Weighs the different needs of each genset depending on the application.

  2. Validly and reliably predicts failures.

  3. Provides reliable information on the real situation of the generator.

  4. Maintenance costs are low especially when compared to the potential cost that can be caused by power outages in critical installations.

  5. Environmentally friendly as it provides for the proper management of toxic waste.

Also in the context of the complete provision of services to the customer, with our specialized and trained staff, we offer annual maintenance contracts (Condition Based Maintenance) with guarantee of good operation of the oil pump even from poor quality fuel !!!

To achieve this goal, an important part of the service is to send oil samples to a certified laboratory in Athens in order to verify the suitability of the fuel. The usual tests concern the oxidation of the fuel, the presence of aerobic / anaerobic bacteria, the presence of moisture, etc.

The service of the gensets is conducted on an annual basis and is undertaken by our company after a contract has been concluded between the two parties.

Supply of equipment

Our company, for several years, has been covering the needs of uninterrupted poweringof your home or business, offering new or used gensets from major companies internationally recognized such as CATERPILLAR with homonymous motors, GRUPEL with Baudouin motors, IVECO, Perkins, through the power range.

After previously calculating your energy needs (calculation of loads), we undertake the supply and installation of the genset in your space (complete work).

We have the largest customer base in Corfu with ever-expanding trends and this is the biggest proof of the quality we provide.

In fact, recently our company, due to the increased needs for management has started to develop applications in order to continue to provide high quality services to its customers.


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