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Our era is characterized by rapid developments and high demands in all areas. As a result of this, the electrical installations field could not, of course, be an exception. In fact, simple light switches and sockets are no longer sufficient nowadays. Modern humans require functions that increase comfort and safety, reduce energy consumption, have the ability of central or individual control, that are easy to use, and provide flexibility and adaptability to future changes of use and extensions.

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Modern buildings have an ever expanding number of electrical appliances and systems in order to serve the needs of the people residing or working in them. Consequently, the design of the electrical installations of buildings is becoming increasingly important and develops constantly. The emergence and spreading of “smart home” technologies is one of the aspects of this development.

There are two main factors driving this new technology:

The rising of living standards is creating – to an increasing number of consumers – new needs for comfort and quality conditions in the workplace and at home.

The increase of economic and environmental costs of consuming natural sources of energy requires rational management and saving of all energy consumed. So in recent years a new technology has been developed – the EIB / KNX system – that creates innovative comforts with smart and simple electrical installations thus providing a complete solution to all the needs of each building, starting from isolated houses and going up to hotels, schools and even large office complexes. It is based on developments in computing technology and communication technology, introducing a single control system, through which all the individual components of an electrical installation can communicate (with each other). And of course it is in harmony with the future needs and requirements of its users.

KNX is the only global, open and future-thinking standard for Home and Building Automation (SMART HOME).

KNX has many applications such as controlling lighting, heating, shutters, ventilation as well as containing multimedia and security technologies. This creates an efficient system that can cope with any individual need. Thanks to its networking capabilities, anyone can perform functions for which they would normally need to have had prior technical knowledge and would require a lot of effort. The system can also be operated conventionally via buttons or touch and control screens. Remote control over the Internet is also possible with the KNX.

KNX Partners are electrical installers and building designers who have the required KNX qualifications. Today, more than 32,000 installation companies have been trained in more than 115 countries, including Greece, and are constantly growing. The choice is yours!

The big advantage: the home automation network can be extended at any time. For small or large projects, renovations or new buildings, KNX always has the best customized products and ensures the most efficient solution.

KNX Criteria:

  • A global open standard (ISO / IEC 14543)
  • The leader of bus systems for the ‘Smart Home’
  • Independent manufacturers, choosing from over 320 manufacturers
  • Reduces electromagnetic fields
  • Customized solutions for new buildings and renovations

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